The Crazy Lady and Me

Here is a freestyle poem created late at night by my Brother SA. His Facebook page is Sizusu Perez and he is @Enlightenedpoet.anytownUSA

From the Liberation Series

I am fascinated by N________

I keep her at a safe distance

I’m going to finish this manana

As I don’t like writing on my phone

I just wrote four or five stanzas and deleted them by accident. oh well. I have been a blogger, on and off for a while and am getting back into it. You might ask, why blog st all? Why not keep a journal? Well, i do keep a journal for personal use. I just started writing a theory of my existence. I might publish it some day, who know”s… Writing is very therapeutic and also with a blog you can share your thought with other people. I have the poem from Sizusu on my laptop but don’t know how to copy and paste. I always ask myself, Jazz Doktor!! Mr Joe Pear, you can play Charlie Parker Blues on all the saxes but don’t Master a small thing like copy and paste.

other day I was playing Around with an Ant. I have been studying Tai Chi for a few years and started taking a zoom class of another style of Wushu. It had some elements that are similar to Tai Chi Chuan but a flavor all it’s own. It’s called Water Style and one thing I love about it is that you can move, think, feel, emote , imagine fighting like a tiger. It’s new, and don’t we Love what’s new. The Craxy Lady in town and Sizusu are both nuts. The crazy lady shat outside the local convenience store. Sizusu has shat his pants on occasion while walking around the same area. At least the crazy lady had the good sense to squat and let it all out without crapping her self, She told Sizusu she was a prophet. She speaks tongues. Her name is N enough for tonight. Looking forward still to the Karate Kid on Netflix!!!

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