Tight Predicaments

Stay Happy. Mr T. Be Like Water… The Dragon Bruce Lee. Light just surrounded us… Anonymous. You’re gonna hate playing guit-tar, just don’t give up. That’s part of learning. Jimi Hendrix. “ Viewing suffering in philosophical terms, and not adopting any of them, I found inner peace.” Lord Buddha Shakyamuni -Sutra of the 42 verses. “Oh, you speak english!” Sexy, pretty gal met on any street USA w a tat of scorpion on her shoulder. (Thanks for the “lift”….until we meet again!

Tight Predicaments
Way Of the Tiger

Time being

Like soft water


Over hard rock

On a shore

By a road

Where cars go by

And birds


I’m to lazy to write the story behind this poem and a black cat just crossed my path. The is a poem I wrote in a red Volkswagen Golf with the boom sound, during my youth, …Ah to be young again….And I’m only 23 years old in the world 🌎 this morning is a good time for me haha 😆

Published by Jazz Doktor

Hi, I am a blogger and vegan Human living on planet Earth. I train in martial arts and am a musician that loves to play and express my self, As Master Bruce Lee once said; “ Honestly expressing your self, .... Now that is very hard to do!’ Me Lee also said “ Be like Water!” I love Wushu and Jazz music! And also am a Happy Yogi. That’s about it lol. go veg be green make peace

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