Tight Predicaments

I love to watch Movies, lately on the boob tube, not the theater or at friends house due to Covid 19. So yesterday I watched the originsl Karate Kid. it’s cool because I friended the cat that doubled for Mister Miyagi in a couple of scenes, well, I liked his page on fb and talked to maybe his wife.lol. He is a real Martial Artist and looks like he was in his 30s during the making of Karate Kid, maybe younger. The reason I know about him is because I listened to a podcasts from WhistleBlower.com and he mentioned about the movie and that he studied Kenpo Karate and Phillipino Martial arts early on in California. He’s the guy that fought Zabka aka Johnny in the tournament right before Daniel San fought Johnny. Good News! The Karate Kid Series is coming to netflix! I’m so excited! Joe Pear

Karate Kid is one of my all time favorite films. A story about a kid from Jersey that moves with his moms to Cali, traveling cross country in a beat up station wagon…She( Daniels mom got a job with computers) the Movie was released in 1984. Bill Conti composed a lot of the music and my favorite song from Karate Akid is “Cruel Summer” by Banannarama. The bad guys in the movie are awesome, especially the Vietnam era vet that is the master over st Cobra Kai. The new series, coming to Netflix soon..

Published by Jazz Doktor

Hi, I am a blogger and vegan Human living on planet Earth. I train in martial arts and am a musician that loves to play and express my self, As Master Bruce Lee once said; “ Honestly expressing your self, .... Now that is very hard to do!’ Me Lee also said “ Be like Water!” I love Wushu and Jazz music! And also am a Happy Yogi. That’s about it lol. go veg be green make peace

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